Malice: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Malice in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Malice, Malicious and Maliciously.

Malice Definition and Meaning with Examples

Malice (noun) means hostility or vindictiveness. It can be used to describe a feeling of hatred towards something or someone.

Malice is commonly associated with harboring an ill intention of inflicting harm, pain or injury to others.

Incorporate malice in your day to day language by using it to express a feeling of animosity, spite or meanness. Associate it with a hateful person, bitter experience or a nasty behavioral trait.

Bear in mind that malice is used to express an intention or desire to cause harm, not the actual act of causing harm.

Malice: Other Grammatical Forms

Malicious (adjective)

Maliciously (adverb)

Maliciousness (noun)

Malice in a Sentence Examples

1) Nothing is purer in this world than her heart, as it bears no malice of any kind.

2) I took good care of her in my house even though I knew that she had nothing but malice for me in her mind.

3) The lion looked at the deer with pure malice, as if he was sure that the deer was going become his next meal.

4) One of the mail reasons for his downfall was his malice. His viscous intentions towards others bit him in his own back.

5) If you have malice in your mind, all your actions will carry the weight of your grudge.

6) The malice in his heart was apparent by the way in which he squinted his eyes, pursed his lips and crossed his arms.

7) You can never live happily if you bear malice. It is a like a termite which will eat you up from within.

8) Friends who don’t have a single shard of malice in their hearts are rare. It you have a friend who is bereft of malice, hang on to him or her.

9) Malice, greed and thirst for power drive people to do evil things.

10) Malice always attracts bad karma. You may benefit in the short term, but you will end up paying later.

Malicious in a Sentence Examples

1) I quit my job because of a malicious vibe in the office. All my colleagues were using dubious tactics to get an edge over each other for a promotion.

2) It was a genuine mistake, not a deliberate action with a malicious intent.

3) Harboring malicious thoughts can be very dangerous. It can turn you into a vicious and a heartless person.

4) Her good nature is her pretence. In reality, she is extremely malicious.

5) She used her flash drive on my computer which led to the transfer of malicious spyware in my system.

6) Invest your time in working hard rather than thinking of malicious strategies to get ahead of your competitors.

7) Please don’t be offended. He was just playing a prank, his intentions weren’t malicious.

8) This looks like a malicious email, don’t open it or else your computer might crash.

9) Involving yourself in malicious gossip is a waste of time.

10) Her malicious smirk made him think that she may be upto something dangerous.

Maliciously in a Sentence Examples

1) Success comes to those who work hard and not to those who work maliciously.

2) He lied to her maliciously throughout their relationship. She recently found out and they broke up.

3) That was not an accident. I was attached maliciously.

4) There should be some form of punishment for hackers who destroy other people’s computers maliciously.

5) My boss replied maliciously and fiercely when he was asked about his equation with his rivals.

6) Tabloids tend to maliciously take celebrities quotes out of context and use them in a completely different way in a different news item.

7) She was arrested maliciously because they wanted to malign her professional reputation.

8) Business tycoons are often maliciously dragged into controversies by their contemporaries with the sole aim of giving them negative newsprint.

9) He looked at her office desk maliciously, waiting for the right time to sneak in and steal some of her important files.

10) How can a woman take advantage of her gender and maliciously allege a man of assaulting her even if he is innocent?

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