How to use Mellifluous in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Mellifluous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Mellifluous, Mellifluously and Mellifluousness.

Mellifluous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Mellifluous (adjective) means soothing or musical. It can be used to describe anything which is pleasing to the ear or sweet-sounding.

It can also refer to something mellow, smooth-flowing, soft or harmonious, especially relating to sound.

Create a sentence with the word mellifluous to suggest a pleasing sound.

A person with a honey-like voice, melodious tone of an instrument or the soft crackle of the fireplace that puts you to sleep can be described as mellifluous.


Mellifluous: Other Grammatical Forms

Mellifluously (adverb)

Mellifluousness (noun)


Mellifluous in a Sentence Examples

1) She sounded quite mellifluous on the phone. Let’s see how she turns out to be in person.

2) They wanted to hire a lady with a mellifluous voice for the job of a customer executive.

3) We were so tired that even the constant rustling of leaves sounded mellifluous to us. We didn’t care about any disturbances.

4) The instrument isn’t mellifluous enough to be considered for being included in the orchestra.

5) Talking to your boss in a fake, mellifluous tone is not the best way to get his attention.

6) All the instruments sounded mellifluous, but there was one that sounded coarse and stood out like a sore thumb.

7) Although her voice was not mellifluous, she ended up being a very successful stage emcee.

8) He was so much in love with her that every word she spoke sounded like a mellifluous tune inside his head.

9) Mellifluous sounds emerge from his guitar even if he randomly strums it.

10) Her songs are fairly mellifluous but she doesn’t have the personality to be a pop star

Mellifluously in a Sentence Examples

1) Although she sang the song more mellifluously than her competitor, she wasn’t able to win the trophy.

2) She talks so mellifluously that even her rants and complaints sound like music.

3) The train chugged on mellifluously through the hills, cutting through fluffy clouds.


4) Listening to the waves mellifluously bouncing off the rocks put me in a trance.

5) My childhood memories are made of my mother’s sewing machine humming away mellifluously in the background.

6) The coffee brewed mellifluously in my mother’s house as she went about finishing the day’s errands.

7) She heard a music being strummed mellifluously but the sound came from a direction she couldn’t make out.

8) The little girl beat the drums mellifluously, not realizing that she was unknowingly producing a beautiful rhythm.

9) He mellifluously intonated the character she was asked to, proving that she was a multifaceted voice artist.

10) I want to live in a place where I am woken up by birds chirped mellifluously from the trees.


Mellifluousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The mellifluousness of his narration made me sit there for three more hours.  I found him to be a brilliant raconteur.

2) The mellifluousness and depth of her voice truly make her one of the best singers of our generation.

3) While most of them passed it off as a mere cacophony, I knew that mellifluousness was hidden there somewhere.

4) The mellifluousness of the professor’s voice was the only reason I could tolerate his long lectures.

5) It was the mellifluousness of her renditions that made her show such a hit.

6) The mellifluousness of the melody put me to sleep as soon as it started playing.

7) I love whichever tracks my husband downloads in my playlist. Whether I am familiar with them or not, I know that they would be full of mellifluousness for sure.

8) The mellifluousness of her notes was incomparable to the singer who performed just before her. Both of them were worlds apart.

9) The sudden mellifluousness in my little daughter’s tone told me that she was going to ask me for a favor very shortly.

10) They greeted each other with artificial mellifluousness. Everyone knew that they were putting up a facade.

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