Multifaceted in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Multifaceted in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Multifaceted.

Multifaceted Definition and Meaning with Examples

Multifaceted (adjective) means many-sided or varied. It can be used to describe something that has many aspects or elements.

In common usage, the word is used to describe something or someone having several facets.

Multifaceted is also used with respect to precious stones and diamonds that are cut in multiple angles to reflect many faces.

Make a sentence with the word multifaceted to suggest the numerous dimensions of a person, situation or thing. Associate with a complex problem, multitalented performer, dynamic initiative or multifarious project.

Multifaceted: Other Grammatical Forms


Multifaceted in a Sentence Examples

1) The multifaceted requirements of this job can put even the most skilled workers to the test. It takes many years of experience to know the ins and outs of such a complicated role.

2) Wine tasting is a multifaceted experience which revolves around identifying the pungency of various flavors and aromas.

3) Street performers are truly multifaceted artists. Engaging with an audience at an arm’s length while focusing on their performance can be an unnerving challenge.

4) They managed to become the world’s favorite airline because of the multifaceted flying experience they had on offer. From customized meals to a wide range of on-board entertainment options, the company did everything they could to give customers a delightful flight.

5) Her employers immediately agreed to give her a raise because of her multifaceted involvement in the company’s day to day operations.

6) He may be a high-flying CEO today but very few people know about his humble background and how he has used his multifaceted life experience to his advantage while working hard to climb up the corporate ladder.

7) Dining at the chef’s table was a multifaceted experience. Tasting exquisite delicacies while watching the highly acclaimed restaurant’s kitchen team was worth the money.

8) It’s a multifaceted argument which cannot be seen in vacuum. All sides of it have to be given due consideration.

9) He is not just a singer, he has a multifaceted personality. He is a talk show host, event emcee, director and wedding planner for celebrities too.

10) Multifaceted stones will cost you much more than gems with flat cuts.

11) You will have to put in long and cumbersome hours at work because this is a multifaceted project which will take up all your energy.

12) Euthanasia is a multifaceted issue and the government must consider all the repercussions of legalizing it, if it chooses to do so.

13) Life’s challenges are always going to be multifaceted. It’s not going to be as easy as solving one problem successfully and then getting onto the next one.

14) Going on a trek with friends is a multifaceted experience. While you learn to fend for yourself, you also learn how to deal with people and tackle their idiosyncrasies.

15) Our government does not have the prowess to deal with multifaceted crises like the one which is plaguing our country right now.

16) This journalist has written a poignant and multifaceted story which lends itself to numerous interpretations.

17) His gutsy entrepreneurial move is a reflection of his multifaceted passions. He wants to dabble in everything he likes.

18) We thoroughly enjoyed the multifaceted musician sing, dance and play several instruments at the convert last week. Kudos to him.

19) Because teachers have multifaceted responsibilities, it becomes all the more important to ensure that they are compensated well.

20) The chair won the award in the Best Furniture of the Year category because it used eco-friendly materials in its multifaceted surfaces.

21) History cannot be taught by one teacher or one textbook. It is a multifaceted subject which demands in-depth study.

22) I congratulate you on your retirement and applaud your long, multifaceted professional life of thirty long years.

23) The poet’s work is multifaceted. In a few succinct lines, he conveys things that other authors haven’t been able to convey in voluminous books.

24) Playing the piano and horse riding are some of the passions she indulges in when she is not performing surgeries in the emergency room. Apart from being a great doctor, she is also a multifaceted human being.

25) The project’s multifaceted complexities required the company to hire external consultants.

26) During her childhood, she was a voracious reader as well as a good sportswoman. As a high school teacher today, her multifaceted interests in life have helped her connect with students on many levels.

27) His humble beginning in the movie industry was as an assistant to celebrities. His eagerness to take on more work saw him assisting cameramen, directors and even the production team. This multifaceted experience paved the way for him becoming the award-winning director that he is today.

28) A documentary directed by such a multifaceted director is bound to receive rave reviews.

29) The architects wanted the entire living area to be multifaceted in terms of design adding value to the lives of the residents.

30) This is a multifaceted TV show which calls qualified experts to participate in a debate and follows it up with insightful analyses.

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