Mercurial in a sentence

What does mercurial  mean?: – An unpredictable change in mood or mindset.

Noun: -mercurialness, mercuriality

Adjective: -unmercurial

Sentence Examples: –

  • due to the recent influx of new medications in her system, the mood swings of Mary have certainly become
  • One could say that predicting the mood of my uncle was extremely harsh, and something that was unbecoming of a normal person. He would sometimes be very mercurial, and sometimes very mellow.
  • Due to the recent uprising in neighbouring countries, the entire situation has become mercurial in the eyes of normal people.
  • The truce between the warring parties has only led to the rise in mercurial tempers between the warlords which have led to civil war all over again.
  • There are many instances in which mercurial fans of the football game has led to the downfall of the image of that country.
  • Once you find that your children enter the teen years, they become mercurial in their mood swings. Not many people have the capability to handle it with deftness and give it the importance that it deserves.

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