Milieu: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Milieu in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Milieu.

Milieu Definition and Meaning with Examples

Milieu (noun) means background or context.

The word refers to a setting where something takes place or the surroundings that shape a certain situation.

Milieu can be used as a sophisticated replacement for the word environment or ambience, depending on the sentence.

Add milieu to your vocabulary to describe a location or backdrop. It is commonly associated with a social, cultural, political, economical or artistic context.

Milieu: Other Grammatical Forms


Milieu in a Sentence Examples

1) The social milieu of this country is not congenial for me to conduct my research in an autonomous way. I am bound to be pressurized by many factors.

2) She has become so comfortable with her present professional milieu that she has stopped looking for better opportunities.

3) The movie establishes an intense political milieu before it delves into the stories of its protagonists.

4) She wasn’t interested in the lifestyle of the community as much as she was inclined to study the overall milieu.

5) Understanding the milieu of this country is more important than simply visiting its famous sights and being a mere tourist.

6) Most of the audience did not understand the play because the director did not introduce its milieu in the beginning.

7) What makes the city interesting is its cultural milieu – with all its graffiti, street performances, food festivals and laneway restaurants.

8) I love studying history because it exposes me to the different milieus of the times gone by. It catapults me into a fantasy world.

9) The milieu in which he was born and raised was very different from that of his girlfriend. That could be the reason they couldn’t get along after a while.

10) The milieu of our city has changed dramatically after he has been elected Mayor. I wish he continues this positive development.

11) Depicting wartime milieu is not every filmmaker’s forte. It requires a special skill and sensitivity.

12) Try to familiarize yourself with the milieu of the art industry before you purchase expensive paintings. This might help you take make an informed choice.

13) Everyone blames the milieu of his house for being the sole reason of his destructive personality. As they say, childhood has a big impact on how a person’s life turns out.

14) The religious milieu of her house was too strong for her to develop any rebelliousness in her teenage years.

15) You will not be able to understand why she behaves this way until you understand the milieu in which she has grown up.

16) The business flourished not only because of effective leadership, but also because it was operated in the right milieu.

17) Even though social organizations are working towards making things better, not much of the conservative milieu had changed.

18) A futuristic milieu was necessary to depict the tribulations of the modern man and its repercussions on his psyche.

19) An organization is supposed to make business decisions based on the economic milieu in which it functions.

20) After describing a resplendent urban milieu, the author juxtaposed it with the squalor of modern life to create a jarring effect.

21) After knowing the financial milieu of the company, the investors thought it would be a good idea to put money in their new projects.

22) The sophisticated milieu in which he was brought up made it difficult for him to face the harsh realities of life as he grew up.

23) I always knew that he was a bit of an outsider and that he didn’t fit in the milieu which he came from.

24) The measure of an artistic work lies in its ability to depict the milieu in which it was born, in an authentic way.

25) The winemaking milieu in this country is quite exciting. Even the government supports wineries and viticulturists with many subsidies and incentivizing schemes.

26) The policies of the government this year will play a huge role in determining what the milieu of the city will be like.

27) The statesman was well aware of the rural milieu of the small town where he was going to give his speech.

28) As we visited one ancient ruin after the other, our guide waxed eloquently about the historical milieu of the place.

29) If the representation of the milieu is not convincing enough, the characters of your story will appear feeble too.

30) The enchanting milieu of the countryside gave her a fantastic idea – it was the perfect place for her to spend her retired life in.

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