Mollify in a sentence

What does mollify mean? It means to pacify or decrease the impact of temper on a person.

Noun: -mollification

Adjective: -mollifiable

Sentence Examples: –

  • I was hoping against hope that good food and a pleasant music will be able to mollify my girlfriend from the foul mood that she has had for a long time.
  • In order to win the elections, Gary would have to mollify the stream of voters that he had neglected in the previous reelection campaign.
  • If you are suffering from acid reflux, then cold glass of milk will be able to mollify the situation.
  • Although, there are a lot of people displeased with the kind of importance being placed on the new health reform bills, the senator was able to mollify the people.
  • Whenever Jon ended up forgetting his anniversary, he would try to mollify his wife by providing her some form of jewelry.
  • Whatever seems to be your problem in regards to the particular movie review, you would only need to mollify the situation by reaching out to your friends and family.

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