How to use Monotonous in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Monotonous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Monotonous, Monotonously, Monotony and Monotonousness.

Monotonous: Definition and Meaning

Monotonous (adjective) means dull or unexciting. It can be used to describe anything which is dreary, tedious or mechanical in nature.

The word can also be specifically used to refer to a flat tone, sound or piece of music.

Monotonous also suggests something which has become predictable in nature because of its sameness. Typically, it has a negative connotation.

Form a sentence with monotonous to express lack of variety, boring repetition or uniform pitch. Associate it with someone’s unvarying voice, tiresome routine, mind-numbing job, clerical work or repetitive argument.

Monotonous: Other Grammatical Forms

Monotonously (adverb)

Monotony (noun)

Monotonousness (noun)

Monotonous in a Sentence Examples

1) I was met with a monotonous voice on my best friend’s answering machine every time I called her. If only she picked up her phone, I could have given her my heartfelt apology.

2) It is better to have a monotonous job rather than not having any job at all. After all, earning money is important.

3) The melody was nice but it could sound monotonous if played repeatedly.

4) After having a monotonous fortnight, my dad was looking forward to a romantic weekend with my mother.

5) Traveling in an airplane is exciting for the first time but it becomes if you have to do it a few times in a month.

6) They broke up not because they were having fights and arguments but because their relationship had become monotonous.

7) My brother hated eating at the mess because of the monotonous food served there. He’d rather spend money and eat outside.

8) If you want to earn some money in your summer holidays, take up a clerical job. It may turn out to be monotonous, but it will pay your bills.

9) The author kept introducing insipid characters in the story just to save it from being monotonous.

10) I was subjected to the monotonous voice of his executive assistant taking calls as I waited in the lounge area for him to come out of his cabin.

Monotonously in a Sentence Examples

1) Just because you know the speech by heart, don’t say it monotonously. Add some voice modulation to it.

2) The teacher was giving her lecture so monotonously that all her students dozed off right in front of her.

3) After their son’s death, the husband and wife duo lived monotonously without having any fun in their life.

4) The army marched on monotonously, with their heads bent in shame after the embarrassing defeat.

5) She went to the gym regularly and exercised monotonously only because her objective was to lose weight at any cost.

6) The actor practiced the dialogue in his head monotonously because he wanted it to be flawless when he delivered it on stage.

7) The tour guide yammered away monotonously on the microphone as the tourists craned their necks to take photographs.

8) The family went through the rituals of the funeral monotonously as people from the neighborhood came to pay their respects.

9) The cat meowed monotonously only because she wanted milk.

10) She tends to speak monotonously once she loses her temper, having no control over the words that come out from her mouth.

Monotony in a Sentence Examples

1) My new job seemed exciting initially, but now monotony has set in.

2) The monotony of your schedule is killing your creativity and enthusiasm to try out new things. You need to get a change.

3) Traveling is the best way to get rid of the monotony in your life. It helps you to relax and unwind.

4) Don’t let monotony destroy your marriage. Think about things that you can do to keep the spice in your relationship alive.

5) This act seems creative and innovative on stage but it involves a lot of monotony when it is being practiced.

6) Amidst the monotony of the radio’s white noise, we sat in the dimly lit room in the innards of a quaint mountain village.

7) The monotony of her life has made her a dull, whiney and annoying person. This is a consequence of not being able to channel her creative energies.

8) Even though the assistant was engulfed in the monotony of scanning documents and making photocopies, she did it cheerfully.

9) Gadgets and technological advancements may have made man’s life more efficient, but they have also induced monotony.

10) She isn’t likely to be moving other people’s lawns for too long. The monotony will get to her pretty soon.

Monotonousness in a Sentence Examples

1) It is not the distance between my home and office which bothers me, but the monotonous of the bus ride that I have to endure every single day.

2) Looking at the monotonousness of her mother’s life, she decided never to get married and start a family.

3) The monotonousness of the pitch made the song very commonplace. It actually had the potential to become a masterpiece.

4) You better get used to the monotonousness of rural life since your husband has been transferred here for the next few months.

5) Young people these days are not ready to take up any odd jobs marked by the slightest amount of monotonousness.

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