Multifarious in a Sentence

What does multifarious mean? It means something that is numerous, and greatly diverse.

Noun: -multifariousness

Sentence Examples: –

  • When you come from a very small neighborhood or a very small town, you will be shocked at the diversity and the multifarious people that you find in the larger cities.
  • It is the multifarious books that you find in the bookstore that can lead to you having to purchase a lot more of those books then what you had originally intended.
  • Even though the population of the school happens to be multifarious, but there is still a majority of the white folks that prefer to think of themselves as the leading constituent of that school.
  • The buffet in the cruise ship was multifarious, and offered a chance for everyone to indulge in their sweet tooth.
  • Upon the ascent of the Christmas trees in our houses, we were gearing up for the multifarious decorations that would be found.
  • It is only due to the multifarious interest that Jon has about his life, he has not been able to settle on a particular job.

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