Nebulous: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Nebulous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Nebulous, Nebulously, Nebulosity and Nebulousness.

Nebulous: Definition and Meaning

Nebulous (adjective) means vague or shadowy.

The word can be used to describe something which is out of focus, cloudy or so indistinct that it cannot be seen clearly.

Nebulous can also refer to something which is ill-defined or indeterminate.

Often, the word refers to an amorphous cloud of dust in astronomy.

Add the word nebulous to your vocabulary to suggest anything which causes confusion because it is muddled and lacks definition. Associate it with indescribable feelings, foggy memory, shadowy figure in the forest, hazy ideas, misty view, obscure theories or ambiguous instructions.

Nebulous: Other Grammatical Forms

Nebulously (adverb)

Nebulosity (noun)

Nebulousness (noun)

Nebulous in a Sentence Examples

1) Although he has a nebulous idea regarding his future, he is ready to take a risk and start his own business.

2) The nebulous figure that we saw from far away was actually my uncle waiting to receive us in his vintage car.

3) The study of philosophy and theosophy is full of nebulous theories that may be difficult to grasp and articulate.

4) The teenager was too young and immature to understand the nebulous concept of reincarnation, let alone talk about it to an audience.

5) The agents maintained nebulous identities so that the enemy couldn’t spot their whereabouts or trace them easily.

6) All the nebulous armchair talk about governance and politics infuriates me. If they are so critical of the government, they should act themselves.

7) The director wanted the special effects team to create a nebulous figure of a ghost passing eerily through thick forests.

8) The boss made a nebulous mention about his past experiences with the company which roused everyone’s suspicion.

9) Science was my favorite subject because I loved the part where our teacher taught out about nebulous elements of the universe.

10) The clues were too nebulous for the detectives to decipher and base their further investigations on.

Nebulously in a Sentence Examples

1) Even though no one could understand what the nebulously drawn figure on the canvas was, the painting sold for a million dollars.

2) The apparition appeared nebulously and told the man that the treasured was hidden in the bottom left corner of his backyard.

3) The nebulously defined roles and responsibilities did not allow him to function properly with the authority that was vested in him.

4) The essay circumvented the main issues that were to be addressed and nebulously mentioned other related issues.

5) We were asked to analyze a poem in which the poet defined love nebulously and compared it to the luminescence of the morning sunshine.

6) His nebulously cited reasons were not going to be accepted by HR for granting her such a long hiatus.

7) He gave excuses and explanations so nebulously that everyone began to doubt that something was fishy.

8) The nebulously drafted policy failed to reach the masses and create an imprint on public consciousness.

9) The nebulously drawn diagrams didn’t make any sense to me. I went to my teacher and asked her to explain what they meant.

10) The film festival could not decide which category to place the film into and so they created a new category which was nebulously titled Global Perspectives.

Nebulosity in a Sentence Examples

1) The nebulosity of the doctor’s opinion regarding the patient’s terminal illness made his friends and family assume that something was drastically wrong.

2) The nebulosity around the problem needs to be cleared before any of us even attempt to form problem solving strategies.

3) Your idea seems great but its nebulosity won’t go down well with our boss. Flesh it out just a bit more before you present it.

4) The viewers were left perplexed not due to the complicated plot of the film, but because of the nebulosity of its theme.

5) I wonder why he is maintaining such nebulosity in his conversations about his ex-wife. He shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about his divorce.

Nebulousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The nebulousness of the definition flummoxed all the students and they weren’t able to understand the rest of the lecture.

2) I did not have the right words to capture the nebulousness of my thoughts on paper.

3) The research paper did not win as many accolades as it should have because many of its arguments that were presented were marked with nebulousness.

4) The nebulousness of the topic was what put me off in the first place. I didn’t want to go to a seminar where I wouldn’t understand anything.

5) If your agendas are full of nebulousness, you will not be able to conduct meetings efficiently and sort out the issues at hand.

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