Myopic in a sentence

What does myopic  mean?: -Lack of foresight

Adjective: -unmyopic

Sentence Examples: –

  • If the only agenda that you are familiar with in the political race to the Presidentship is that of your own party, then your thoughts are going to be myopic.
  • Whenever you ask for different opinions to a simple problem, you are trying to get rid of your myopic thinking and indulging into the broadness of your mind.
  • The talk show host had a very myopic view point about people undertaking prostitution, and he was not more than willing to listen to the perspective of the guest.
  • The difficulties of the people may not be your responsibility, but it is high time that you got rid of your myopic thinking towards them.
  • If you develop a myopic mindset, you will not only be able to remain alienated from the mainstream people, but you’ll also be socially awkward around everybody.
  • As a racist, not only do you possess a myopic view point, but you will to think of yourself as a superior race to others.

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