How to use Naive in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Naive in a sentence:- sentence examples of Naive, Naivete and Naively.

Naive Definition and Meaning with Examples

Naive (adjective) refers to lack of wisdom, absence of good judgment or plain ignorance. It is used to describe people who are too innocent, unworldly or inexperienced.

Although other meanings of naive refer to being self-taught and not being exposed to medical experimentation, the most commonly used meaning refers to being easily deceivable.

Associate naive with a person who immediately believes whatever is told or takes things on face value.

Naive can also be used to describe people who never grow up or remain unaffected from the realities of the world.

Naive: Other grammatical Forms

Naivete (noun)

Naively (adverb)

Naiveness (noun)

Naive in a Sentence Examples

1) Why can’t she see that her boyfriend is using her physically? She is so naive.

2) Her positivity is very naive. It is foolish of her to hope that her husband must have survived the horrid plane crash.

3) My little daughter is naive to the manipulative ways of the world. She will understand these things as she matures.

4) Don’t be naive enough to believe the benevolent statements made by policy makers on television.

5) It is easy to misguide him because he is so naive.

6) People aren’t naive enough to believe actors and actresses when they say that they are ‘just friends’ with their co-stars.

7) If you think your application will be accepted in a week’s time, you are being naive. Such organizations are known to take at least a month.

8) The naive holiday makers did not know that the flea markets sold them fakes, not genuine souvenirs.

9) The naive ignorance of teenagers regarding the realities of life can make them do stupid things.

10) Good things happen to good people – that is a naive attitude to have in life.

Naivete in a Sentence Examples

1) Her naivete came in the way of making shrewd decisions for the business.

2) My little sister’s naivete reminds me of my younger days when I was vulnerable and gullible.

3) His writing was not only flippant, but full of immaturity and naivete.

4) You don’t need to drop the innocence from your heart, just let go of your naivete.

5) My youth was replete with naivete. That is one of the reasons I made terrible decisions when I was young.

6) The naivete of students prevented them from understanding that their academic trip was just their school’s way of fleecing them.

7) My best friend’s naivete regarding her boyfriend made me break up with her. I could not tolerate seeing that she was being exploited.

8) Their relationship didn’t last long because he was full of naivete, while she was a pure cynic.

9) Look at the billionaire’s naivete – he thinks that his wife isn’t a gold digger.

10) His smart and dapper dressing is deceptive, because he is actually full of naivete.

Naively in a Sentence Examples

1) People naively believe whatever celebrities endorse in commercials.

2) She naively accepted what was given to her as inheritance from her deceased parents. Not once did she question the amount of money that her siblings received.

3) Betrayal often happens to those who naively believe the things that are told to them.

4) When I was young, I naively believed that that fairies and angels really did exist.

5) You behaved naively by signing the document without reading what it was about.

6) I accepted his surprisingly generous offer naively, not knowing that he would have an ulterior motive behind it.

7) Romance novels make young people naively believe that first love lasts forever.

8) If any colleague in your company acts too naively, be wary of him. People in the corporate world can put up any facade to put each other down.

9) The seller quoted his price naively. It seemed like he had no idea about the current market prices.

10) She naively believed that actresses never undergo plastic surgeries, and that they are natural beauties.

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