Nefarious in a Sentence

What does nefarious mean? It means something that is very wicked and bordering on villainy.

Noun: -nefariousness

Adjective: -unnefarious

Sentence Examples: –

  • Most of the refugees from Syria that have travelled to France have nefarious intentions, which have led to a lot of bombing and suicide attacks in the city of Paris in France.
  • There were a lot of nefarious actions planned just before the bombing of the world trade Centre by the Islamic Revolution and its subsequent governments.
  • When you come across somebody with a nefarious intention, it is very important for you to steer clear of that person.
  • Associating yourself with nefarious thoughts is only going to put you in a lot of trouble.
  • Although it was originally thought out to be a very nefarious you, but it had a sweet ending, that would go on to win the hearts of people gathered in that event.
  • There is nothing more nefarious than to have a serial killer thinking of himself as a normal person and going about his activities in your neighborhood.

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