Nondescript: Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Nondescript in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Nondescript.

Nondescript Definition and Meaning with Examples

Nondescript (adjective) means dull or uninteresting. It refers to something which has no character of its own.

The word can be used to describe something that’s so ordinary and uninspiring that it merges with the background.

Anything which is unexceptional or unremarkable can be called nondescript.

A dull dress that doesn’t catch the eye, building which looks very commonplace or a person with no distinct features are examples of being nondescript.


Nondescript: Other Grammatical Forms

Nondescript (noun)


Nondescript (adjective) in a Sentence Examples

1) She used to be such a diva in school. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her in such nondescript clothes.

2) Don’t underestimate computer geeks. Even the most nondescript ones may be bubbling with billion dollar ideas inside their heads.

3) The company failed because they spent billions of dollars to research, design and manufacture a nondescript family sedan. They should have stuck to their roots and continued making high performance supercars.

4) The manipulative stock trader made his millions working out of his nondescript central London studio.

5) I am disappointed that he took up such a nondescript job. It’s a pity that his laziness came in the way of what could have been a fantastic career.

6) A nondescript day at work turned into quite a challenge when the CEO dropped in for a surprise visit.

7) For someone who was known to be a nondescript introvert in school, he certainly came out his shell in his twenties.

8) The only way a celebrity can go incognito is by being as nondescript as possible.

9) When we went through our grandfather’s attic, we found a nondescript box of papers which actually turned out to be priceless documents of historical importance.

10) He surprised his girlfriend by hiding the engagement ring in a nondescript bag of chocolates.

11) Who would have ever imagined that a child as quiet and nondescript as him would go on to become the greatest pop star the world has ever seen?

12) The nondescript food wasn’t something we had expected from a restaurant of such repute. We expected a culinary extravaganza.

13) You can’t be an undercover cop if you don’t have the ability to remain nondescript even in the most unpredictable situations.

14) The casting agent was frustrated because all the applicants were nondescript actors. None of them oozed any oomph.

15) The company’s foray into E-commerce was a debacle. Everyone blamed it on the nondescript advertising campaign.

16) Being nondescript and playing it safe the exact opposite of how a real artist thinks.

17) The dress was a steal at twenty dollars, never mind the fact that it was slightly nondescript.

18) They don’t want to spend too much money on the interiors of their house. They don’t mind if it remains relatively nondescript.

19) She is living in a nondescript neighborhood, but that’s all she can afford right now.

20) He wanted a flamboyant color for his car, not a nondescript black.

21) The designer was given a lot of praise even though her collection was pretty nondescript.

22) The students were given a nondescript tray out of which they were asked to create something innovative.

23) She has the prowess to convert even the most nondescript items in her house into something useful.

24) Her writing is quite nondescript. It’s not good enough to get her a book deal.

25) She wanted to live in a beautiful villa with a garden in her backyard, not in some nondescript condo.

Nondescript (noun) in a Sentence Examples

1) They don’t want a nondescript to be in charge of this project. They want someone with flamboyance and personality.

2) You can’t afford to be a nondescript if you’re working in an advertising agency.

3) It’s going to be impossible to find him in this crowd because he’s pretty much a nondescript.

4) She wanted a furry, ginger cat with green eyes, not just any other nondescript available in the pet store.

5) As long you choose to remain a nondescript in the office, you will never be noticed by your boss.

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