Negate in a sentence

What does negate mean? It means to make something null and void, to ensure that it becomes ineffective.

Noun: -negator

Adjective: -unnegated

Sentence Examples: –

  • When you are entering into an agreement, always ensure that you get the negate clause to be mentioned pretty effectively; you would not want yourself to be looking at an exit clause that does not have any kind of sustainability for you.
  • When the single did not turn up for the event, she not only tried to negate the fact that she was hired, but she also tried to do away with the money given to her for the event.
  • Even though there were a lot of problems in our life, it did not in any way negate the amount of love that we had for each other.
  • After a long career playing basketball, Kobe Bryant did wonder whether his time playing basketball did in fact negate any chances that he may have had to have a wonderful and peaceful life with his family.
  • Only by the virtue of being clever would you be able to negate any kind of problems that you face in your daily life.

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