How to use Niche in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Niche in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Niche and Niched.

Niche Definition and Meaning with Examples

Niche (noun) means a particular corner, space or slot. Its literal meaning refers to a hollow cavity in a wall or another such place meant to display something.

Niche can also to a specific organism’s role in its ecological community.

The meaning of niche may also refers to a comfortable spot found by a person in his or her professional life.

Niche can also be in reference to a certain segment carved for a product in the market.

Add the word niche to your vocabulary to suggest a literal or metaphorical crevice that bears a specialty. For example, a niche can be associated with a person’s special comfort and ability in playing stringed instruments, specific segment for organic products in the food market, hollow in the wall to place a beautiful vase or the role of ocean fungus in marine ecology.

Niche: Other Grammatical Forms

Niched (verb)

Niche in a Sentence Examples

1) After many years of working in hospitality, she realized that her niche lay in the luxury hotels segment.

2) A poor little hamster was stuck in the niche of a rock. My friends and I resolved to rescue it out of its misery.

3) After a small niche was discovered in the wall, the detective suspected that something of value might be hidden underneath.

4) The main aim of the advertising campaign was to carve out a niche for the product in the clutter of all the aromatherapy products that had bombarded the market.

5) Money and success will start rolling in naturally after you find your professional niche and enjoy what you are doing.

6) The product may reach more customers if it breaks out from its niche of being high-end and enters a more reasonable price range.

7) Generic advertising targeted to the masses cannot work anymore. In the age of mobiles and the internet, niche advertising is the name of the game.

8) Her writing is lucid and eloquent and it reflects the fact that she has found her niche.

9) Don’t expect your sales to skyrocket in the first few months because your product has a niche market and it will take some time to find buyers.

10) Our sales head advised us to target customers with a niche marketing strategy which would involve voluminous research.

11) He is finding it tough to get a job because he has niche skills in computer programming that most firms don’t need right now. He could be ahead of his time.

12) The highlight of my day was to see beautiful wild flowers growing in the niche of a lone rock in my landscaped garden.

13) He wants to carve his image as a niche filmmaker who tells stories that pertain to urban slums.

14) Carving out a niche for yourself in the world of music will take time, effort and knowledge of instruments that others don’t have.

15) Researchers conducted various experiments to study and understand the niche in which the rare bacteria grew.

16) I want my daughter to be exposed to various life experiences and people so that she can eventually find her niche in life.

17) The statues of God were placed in the beautiful niche that was created in the wall meant to display them.

18) I wanted to create a niche in the bathroom wall to place all my bathing products instead of placing them in an ugly caddy.

19) The creation of every niche in the museum cost more than a thousand dollars, mainly due to the lighting component required for better display of artifacts.

20) It is a really in-depth niche newspaper for people who are interested in trading vintage items – not something which is palatable to everybody.

21) The photographer pointed his camera to the niche in the tree. He knew that the owl would emerge from it at some point in the day.

22) Our professional niche is very valuable right now because we have no competition.

23) The dog sniffed around and drew the police’s attention towards a niche in the ground where they found some important clues.

24) The scientist wanted to study every organism in this particular environmental niche.

25) I was disappointed with the lecture because the speaker addressed a niche subject which wasn’t of any interest to most of the audience including me.

Niched in a Sentence Examples

1) The magazine has been niched well enough to attract attention of local shops who would like to sponsor a big chunk of advertising space.

2) The engravings were niched so well that even a thousand years of exposure to sunlight wouldn’t be able to erase them.

3) The film about the psychology of queerness was expected to get niched and stereotyped as soon as it released.

4) If you keep working only on one topic and write about it incessantly, your blog will become niched.

5) Since he had been working only on green architectural projects for the past few years, his professional reputation was niched.

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