Nostalgia: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Nostalgia in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Nostalgia and Nostalgic.

Nostalgia Definition and Meaning with Examples

Nostalgia (noun) refers to a regretful memory or sweet recollection of something or someone from the past. It is also used to describe homesickness, melancholy or yearning.

Nostalgia expresses a sentimental longing for something personal which has been left behind. It is most commonly used to convey a remembrance of ‘the good old days’.

Include nostalgia in your day to day usage to suggest rumination of memories or musings of the past.

The word connotes both negative and positive meanings, depending on the way it is used in a sentence.

Nostalgia: Other Grammatical Forms

Nostalgic (adjective)

Nostalgically (adverb)

Nostalgia in a Sentence Examples

1) The city is smothered will old buildings, vintage cars and graffiti from the revolution. It is replete with nostalgia of its past.

2) If you live in nostalgia all the time, you will not be able to move ahead in life.

3) She has become a person full of nostalgia ever since her son died.

4) The entire nation is nostalgic about its golden past.

5) The family reunion that happened after so many years was truly an evening full of nostalgia.

6) I love the book because it reflects the nostalgia of an era in which everything was utopian.

7) The editor won’t subscribe to the nostalgia that your article evokes. He will insist for more facts and figures.

8) Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams is one track which evokes a lot of nostalgia and transports me back to my college days, as if I were in a time machine.

9) The facades of most old buildings in the city have been maintained to create nostalgia for its citizens and visitors alike.

10) My brother likes buying vintage cars because he loves living in the nostalgia of the seventies.

11) My mother is a bag of emotions. Even the slightest of nostalgia moves her to tears.

12) When obese people look at pictures of themselves when they were slimmer, they get overcome with nostalgia.

13) Voice quality is not the only element which makes her singing so good, it is also the nostalgia with which she sings soulful numbers which makes them beautiful.

14) Nostalgia and memory have often been the themes of many literary works.

15) Watching reruns of older sitcoms like Small Wonder and I Dream of Jeannie brings back the nostalgia of the golden days of television.

Nostalgic in a Sentence Examples

1) Although my father reluctantly uses the computer, he is still very nostalgic about his old typewriter.

2) He became nostalgic of her deceased daughter after the ballet performance because she was an excellent dancer too.

3) The documentary about Mother Teresa made everyone nostalgic about the noble contribution she made in the world.

4) Don’t be nostalgic about silly things. They will only bog you down in the future.

5) Stop being nostalgic about westerns and be open to seeing new types of films.

6) My dad’s nostalgia about his school days is extremely annoying because he keeps ranting about it all the time.

7) It is amazing how music and film can make people nostalgic about eras that they have never even witnessed.

8) I always feel nostalgic about my younger days when I see vintage LPs in music stores.

9) Everyone in our family gets nostalgic about nana when they eat macaroons. They were her favorite dessert.

10) Instead of being nostalgic about the past, invest your time and effort in being hopeful about the future.

11) Visiting the stadium made my grandfather nostalgic because he had seen many live matches there in his heyday.

12) If you keep waxing nostalgic about your Michigan home, your son will think that you are not happy living with him in New York.

13) As a nostalgic alumnus, the business tycoon generously cut a check of fifteen thousand dollars for the universality as donation.

14) Even though he calls himself a contemporary designer, his designs make me nostalgic of the Art Deco style of the 1920s.

15) The kids are not as nostalgic about our first house as we are. They were too small when we moved out.

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