Obstinate in a Sentence

What does obstinate mean? It means to remain in his or her position without having to yield to any kind of argument.

Noun: -obstinateness

Adjective: -superobstinate

Sentence Examples: –

  • My grandfather is pretty obstinate about the outcome of the world war even when I mentioned that both sides lost a lot of money and people fighting for something that had no consequences whatsoever.
  • The Cold War between the United States of America and the USSR happen for absolutely no reason: although you would be hard put to find somebody that is not obstinate enough to proclaim that USSR lost that war.
  • When I think about people that are obstinate, the thought of my father comes to mind.
  • Even when the little child did not do anything wrong, he preferred not to be obstinate and apologized to his guardians.
  • When the jury was obstinate and refused to listen to what the defendant had to say, that was a time in which the justice system seemed to have collapsed on its knees.

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