Nonchalant: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Nonchalant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Nonchalant, Nonchalance and Nonchalantly.

Nonchalant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Nonchalant (adjective) is used to describe a person who reacts in a seemingly uninterested manner towards other people or situations. The word can be used in a negative or positive way depending on the context of the sentence.

Nonchalant is often used for suggesting a coolly detached expression. In addition to an inherent behavioral trait, this word may also be commonly used to describe a facade which is deliberately put up by people to fake disinterest.

Make nonchalant a part of your daily vocabulary by using it for someone who sports a placid, give a damn attitude.

Instead of using words like aloof and indifferent which directly convey negativity, use nonchalant to convey the same meaning in a neutral way.

Nonchalant: Other Grammatical Forms

Nonchalance (noun)

Nonchalantly (adverb)

Nonchalantness (noun)

Nonchalant in a Sentence Examples

1) She is so silly that her answers to most questions come in the form of nonchalant shrugs.

2) Enemies don’t greet each other with warm hellos, but nonchalant head tilts.

3) When you don’t have an opinion to give in situation which doesn’t concern you, staying nonchalant is the best way out.

4) Winners don’t get carried away with success, they try to stay as level-headed and nonchalant as possible.

5) The king was dethroned because he was nonchalant to the needs of his subjects.

6) Even before such a big performance, she was totally nonchalant and utterly confident.

7) Although some people put up a nonchalant facade outside, they happen to be worried sick from inside.

8) Kids love giving nonchalant smirks to their parents when they are being scolded for acting rebelliously.

9) After many years of marriage, some couples become nonchalant about their fights and arguments.

10) He saw his house disintegrating into rubble during the earthquake. But he was shockingly nonchalant about it.

Nonchalance in a Sentence Examples

1) The students looked on in nonchalance as they didn’t understand a single thing their teacher said.

2) Many people think that his nonchalance is cool, but I think it is annoying.

3) Sometimes showing nonchalance can be the only way to escape an annoyingly gregarious colleague.

4) Most celebrities feign nonchalance in front of the media to get them off their back.

5) Many people put up the facade of nonchalance to remain aloof from worldly sorrows.

6) Teenagers keep saying ‘whatever’ to show their disinterest and nonchalance towards things that they don’t like.

7) Nonchalance is a virtue when you want to deal with a situational neutrally, without putting your real emotions on display.

8) Don’t show nonchalance towards other people’s crises, for you could be the one facing them someday too.

9) Enhance the nonchalance in your look by wearing dark sunglasses and plugging in headphones into your ears.

10) Showing nonchalance and restrain in dialogue delivery is as important for an actor as the ability to be emotive and expressive.

Nonchalantly in a Sentence Examples

1) She tried to deal with the situation nonchalantly, but she eventually got involved emotionally.

2) There is no point in behaving nonchalantly with a friend after a fight. It is better to let your tears out.

3) It is rude to react nonchalantly in front of your boss, especially if you are at fault.

4) If she really loved her pet, she would never take its ailing health so nonchalantly.

5) He replied nonchalantly to his mother even though she was sick. I was shocked to see his impassive behavior.

6) If you take this nonchalantly right now, you may regret it later.

7) Behaving nonchalantly doesn’t solve any problem, it just procrastinates it.

8) How could you nonchalantly dismiss something that is so serious?

9) She wasn’t afraid of the haunted house. She walked in nonchalantly.

10) He has a habit of waving nonchalantly in the air before he bursts out in laughter.


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