Use Novice in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Novice in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Novice.

Novice Definition and Meaning with Examples

Novice (noun) means beginner or newcomer.

The word generally refers to a person who has recently started picking up a skill or is new to a certain field of work.

In the religious context, it refers to a person who has just entered a religious order and hasn’t yet taken his or her vows.

Form a sentence with the word novice to describe an inexperienced person. Associate it with a person who has just joined a new job, a first time writer, amateur photographer, rookie sportsperson or an apprentice.

Use novice in your vocabulary as a sophisticated replacement for the words newbie or noob, preferably in formal environments.

Novice: Other Grammatical Forms


Novice in a Sentence Examples

1) As a novice, you cannot dare to interrupt your seniors when they are talking. You should know better than that.

2) Can you help me run a few calculations in my Excel sheet? I’m a novice bookkeeper and I really don’t know how to go about it.

3) Instead of saving money by hiring a novice and paying him less, it is better to pay an experienced candidate a bit more and get work done faster.

4) The cop gave him a speeding ticket, refusing to consider the fact the he was a novice driver who was riding his car for the first time after getting his license.

5) The company had to put many hours into training her because she was a novice with absolutely no experience whatsoever.

6) I will excuse her or making mistakes for the first few times since she is a novice, but not after that.

7) The photographer decided to put him through the course for free, just because he was an enthusiastic novice.

8) Don’t even bother applying for the fashion photography course because you’re just a novice and they are accepting only professionals.

9) He was unable to race the car with his friends because he was a novice and the track did not allow beginners.

10) My mentor gave me easy questions because I was a novice. He said that he would increase the difficulty level as time goes.

11) Even though she is a novice stock broker, she is not worried about taking big risks because she is under the tutelage of her father who has been in the industry since many years.

12) You need to be agile and react quickly or else they will sense that you are a novice.

13) He was a novice diplomat, unfamiliar with many elements of the government machinery and ways of the world.

14) Everyone was surprised that she won the competition because she was a novice and she had recently started working.

15) It is common for a novice to face teething problems of such intense nature. Don’t worry, you will iron out these issues with more experience.

16) Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a novice and it will take you at least a couple of years to master this craft.

17) If he can do so well as a novice, imagine how well he can do as a professional.

18) The only reason I am not giving away all the responsibility to you is because you are still a novice and you don’t have the experience to handle such tacky clients.

19) She is a novice, but behaves with the confidence and flair of a professional.

20) As a novice, you will be spending your first month at the hospital with a senior dentist. You can practice independently when you’ve learnt the ropes.

21) As a chess novice, my resolution for the coming year is to beat my grandfather who has been playing the game since forty years.

22) Don’t act like a novice. Let your body language and personality show the kind of skill and talent you possess.

23) A new editor was hired at a high salary even though he was a novice. All this was being done just so that the magazine could be published in time.

24) He is a novice right now but his determination and hardworking nature tell me that he will go a long way.

25) When I came to know that the bestseller was written by a novice writer, I couldn’t believe that someone so young could write something so brilliant.

26) I am a novice at running marathons but I’m sure it’s something that can pick up along the way with enough practice.

27) Don’t expect to earn too much money in the first few months of your lighting design career. People will brush you off in the beginning because you are a novice.

28) Novice drivers are better off staying away from that street at night because teenagers often race their bikes rashly.

29) My father was willing to write a book on his days as a novice in the industry. He wanted to make it a detailed account of the trials and tribulations he went through.

30) The competition was not about being an expert or a novice, it was about having a breakthrough idea.

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