Obfuscate in a sentence

What does obfuscate mean? It means to confuse someone, to make sure that whatever can be done make the situation obscure or unclear will be undertaken.

Noun: -obfuscation

Adjective: -unobfuscated

Sentence Examples:

  • As goes the saying, it is the jobs of the lawyer to try and fill the legal contract with obfuscate words that can be extremely hard for the normal people to understand.
  • As a teacher, it is always important for you to avoid language that contains words which will necessarily obfuscate your students from understanding you.
  • Always try and have a good grip on your language so that it does not obfuscate you at any point when people speak fluently.
  • There is absolutely no need for you to obfuscate on your true intentions, you have got to be honest so as to lead your life free from any kind of vices.
  • When you think about the travesties of life, you would realize that trying to be obfuscate is not going to work out; you have to be honest with yourself and your approach needs to be fine pointed.

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