Oblivious: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Oblivious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Oblivious, Oblivion and Obliviously.

Oblivious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Oblivious (adjective) means ignorant, unaware or inattentive. It can be used to describe the lack of memory, indifference or forgetfulness.

Oblivious can be used plainly as a synonym of ignorant, but the nuances of its meaning make it usable in many different contexts.

Add oblivious to your vocabulary by using it to describe a person, situation or mood which is detached or lacks awareness.

When used as an adjective, the word oblivious must be succeeded by to or of.

Oblivious: Other Grammatical Forms

Oblivion (noun)

Obliviously (adverb)

Obliviousness (noun)

Oblivious in a Sentence Examples

1) It is important to follow politics because you cannot afford to be oblivious to the happenings in your country.

2) The actress was oblivious to the smudge of lipstick on her face and the paparazzi took complete advantage of it.

3) Being oblivious to your child’s performance at school is not your good quality as a parent.

4) How can you be so caught up with work that you are completely oblivious of your daughter’s life?

5) If you are hosting a party and playing loud music, don’t be oblivious of sleeping neighbors.

6) The delicate fairy thought she escaped successfully. But she was oblivious to the monster standing right behind her.

7) Being oblivious to small worries and negligible insecurities is the best way to live life.

8) He will never be able to develop his skill of observation as long as he is careless and oblivious to his surroundings.

9) The book was so engrossing that I was oblivious of everything around me.

10) A snake was lurking around in the house and the innocent infant in the cradle was oblivious of it.

Oblivion in a Sentence Examples

1) My father thinks that good things always happen to good people. It seems like he has slipped into oblivion, having forgotten the brutalities of real life.

2) Are you feigning oblivion so that you don’t have to dirty your hands in this mess?

3) The man who was once a Hollywood star has now faded into pure oblivion.

4) Research is currently being carried out on the subject of native tribes of the island that have gone into oblivion from the past few decades.

5) The sinking of the Titanic was once a hot topic of discussion but now has sunk into oblivion.

6) The scandal that disappeared into oblivion since many years has suddenly resurfaced in the media.

7) If the bank does not refund money to its rightful owners, people may lose faith in it. This may lead to its downfall and then it may only be a matter of time until its entity goes into complete oblivion.

8) I hope that the ideas of noble man never blur into oblivion.

9) Even successful Hollywood actors have to ensure that they are constantly in the limelight so that they don’t sink into oblivion.

10) She wants to dedicate her life to the study of dinosaurs. It’s like she wants to do everything possible to bring them back from oblivion.

Obliviously in a Sentence Examples

1) Managers cannot behave obliviously in any regard that concerns the welfare of their subordinates or the company.

2) Although he was being followed by cops for speeding, he was driving obliviously.

3) He was talking obliviously on his cell phone in the middle of a funeral service.

4) The adrenaline of youth tends to make them behave obliviously towards responsibilities.

5) It is alright to live lightheartedly and freely, not obliviously.

6) She replied obliviously, as if she didn’t know anything.

7) Students reacted obliviously to their principal’s incessant warnings. It was almost as if they weren’t scared of a single authority in the world.

8) Don’t you dare behave obliviously when you go to grandma’s place. Help her at every possible opportunity.

9) There was a riot taking place in their backyard but the monks obliviously kept chanting.

10) My teacher was obliviously ranting on and on without realizing that everyone was making fun of her.

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