Obnoxious in a Sentence

What does obnoxious mean? It means any person that becomes annoying due to having a showoff character.

Noun: -obnoxiousness

Adjective: -unobnoxious

Sentence Examples: –

  • Jack was one of the most obnoxious members in the group, and also one of the richest as well. Ultimately, we had to bow down to his pressure.
  • If you are obnoxious enough to not think about the existence of God, then you would be obnoxious enough to understand that you have no reprieve when you pray to Him.
  • Never be an obnoxious person when you feel that you would not be able to handle it yourself.
  • It was due to the obnoxious person in the police station that her complaint did not get recorded at that precise moment; the job of the police officer was taken away from him for that error.
  • Many children from rich families become obnoxious due to the upbringing that they have had.
  • Most of the time, parents are to blame if their child ends up being obnoxious to all the others in school.

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