How to use Onus In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Onus in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Onus.

Onus Definition and Meaning with Examples

Onus (noun) means burden or liability.

Although it is a formal word for describing responsibility or duty, it cannot be used as a synonym for the same. This is because onus expresses the negativity of a burden where as the word responsibility can also have a positive connotation.

Onus can also refer to the burden of having to prove something.

Incorporate onus in your vocabulary by using to express obligation or a commitment which is more like a load. The most common way of using this word is ‘the onus is on…’

Onus: Other Grammatical Forms


Onus in a Sentence Examples

1) The onus of proving your innocence is in your hands alone, not in anyone else’s. So stop moping around and take some action.

2) The onus of a child’s behavior is on his or her parents. After all, a child ultimately absorbs the lessons of life from parents.

3) Don’t put the onus of clarifying your stance on your team members. If it is your responsibility, you should do it yourself.

4) Placing the onus on me, my best friend conveniently escaped the tricky situation.

5) Why did you take the onus of arranging the wedding all by yourself when you could divide the responsibility among so many people?

6) The way he took the onus of the debacle on himself was shocking. He shouldn’t have sacrificed his reputation just to protect his friends.

7) If your actions have caused a fight with your husband, the onus is on you to take the initiative and make up with him.

8) The onus is now on the captain of the team to do his best and win the match to cover up for last time’s irresponsible defeat.

9) The onus of listening the to the doctor’s advice and carrying out all the investigations is now on you. After a point, the doctor cannot force you to do so.

10) Whether to give everyone an explanation or not – the onus was entirely on me.

11) The onus is on the vendor to exchange the faulty parts and send it back to the client for no cost.

12) Just because I arrived to the party earlier than my husband, the onus of making small talk with the hosts was on me.

13) According to common etiquette, the onus of leaving the washroom clean enough for the next person after using it is on you.

14) Whether you are directly involved in the crime or not, the onus of letting the cops know the truth is on you because that is the only way you will be able to prove his innocence.

15) Don’t throw trash on the road – the onus of picking it up doesn’t lie with the government. It is your civic responsibility.

16) The onus of filing a complaint lies with the public. The authorities cannot take action against the problem even if they know about it unless they have a registered complaint.

17) Even though teachers are supposed to teach children what is right and wrong, the onus of teaching them how to discern lies on the parents.

18) The citizens of the country must take up the onus of challenging the government to give them better facilities and infrastructure.

19) If you want to figure out who must have stolen your pens from your backpack, the onus is on you to carry out required investigations. No one else is going to do it for you.

20) If one person keeps shifting the onus of telling the truth on the other, the integrity of this company will be compromised.

21) There is no way I will take up the onus of cleaning this room. Since it belongs to my brother, it is his lookout.

22) Either you take corrective measures right away or you will have to bear the onus of your irresponsibility in the future.

23) I decided to divorce my wife without thinking that the onus of rearing two young children single-handedly would fall on her.

24) The onus of your family’s safety is on you. If your security alarm doesn’t work, you cannot blame anyone but yourself for not having fixed it.

25) Just because I was the best man, the onus of taking care of a lot of arrangements for the wedding was on me.

26) The onus of looking after all the kids in the group will be on you because you are the eldest one.

27) The onus of mentoring your brother lies on you, not just because you are his sister, but because no one except you really cares for him.

28) He has become so emotionally weak and mentally fragile that he isn’t in the position to take the onus of his failure on himself.

29) Since you have goofed up, the onus of coming clean in front of your parents is on you. Don’t blame it on your friend who talked you into this stupidity.

30) The onus of answering all the questions in the quiz generally lies with the brightest student in class.

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