Obstreperous in a sentence

What does obstreperous  mean?: -very difficult to manage or control

Noun: -obstreperousness, obstreperousity

Sentence Examples: –

  • most of the children are obstreperous in nature, which is why they often get in trouble when they are in school.
  • In the teenage years, you can expect a lot of them to become obstreperous, and rebelling towards the authorities. This certainly happens when schools end up losing in the football game.
  • When Jon ends up having a few drinks, he certainly turns to becoming
  • There were a lot of racist football fans that were obstreperous towards me throughout the game. They were later reported to the authorities.
  • The teenagers were obstreperous and they were politely asked to take leave from the movie theatre.
  • The troops, after winning the battle, turned obstreperous, and let loose everything in their arsenal.
  • Upon hearing that the defendant is going to be tried under the new law, the family of the defendant became obstreperous. They had to be physically removed from the courtroom and were fined for their insolence.

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