Ominous in a Sentence

What does ominous mean? It means to be indicating of a particular event that may happen in the future which can have a lot of significance in your life.

Noun: -ominousness

Adjective: -unominous

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is only due to the ominous music that most of the people realize that there is something bad that can happen in a horror movie.
  • The ominous sounds emanating from the clouds lead us to believe that we were staring at a huge storm coming our way.
  • When I was late than usual in relation to my curfew at home, I would always find an ominous shadow of my father lurking around the door.
  • It is the ominous appearance of the sky that leads us to believe that we are in for a thunderstorm.
  • Upon taking the ominous turn in the road, we suddenly realized that we did not know the park ahead of us, and had to retrace our footsteps.
  • Upon talking loudly, the librarian gave us an ominous stare.

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