Omniscient in a sentence

What does omniscient  mean?: -the all knowing

Noun: -omniscience

Adjective: -unomniscient

Sentence Examples: –

  • many people feel that Nostradamus was omniscient, he would be making predictions that not only resonated in the current, modern generation, but also held true through the eons of time.
  • Most of the people think that teachers are omniscient, however, they have been studying for a long period of time, and they know a lot of details by heart.
  • Without the presence of the omniscient narrator, the movie did not seem to be inflicting a certain blow to the minds of people, thereby leaving them in the crux of boredom.
  • Unless you happen to be consistent with your claims, or omniscient, it is time for you to move on.
  • If only the leaders of the world were omniscient, we would be able to avoid a lot of conflicts.
  • There are many that claim to have psychic abilities, but it is a matter of fact that they are never omniscient when there is a requirement.
  • In order to be omniscient, you would either have to study a lot, or be extremely confident in your trade.

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