Onerous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

What does onerous mean? It means something or somebody that is causing a lot of oppression and hardship.

Noun: -onerousness

Adjective: -nononerous

Onerous in a Sentence Examples

  • Taking care of a new dog is an onerous task; however, it is something that is pretty satisfying at the same time.
  • If you look at how the onerous work in the house is always handed over to the youngest of the family, you realize that you would want another brother or a sister to take over this job.
  • When your family has to deal with an onerous neighbor, it can take a toll in your own social life and it can be pretty unforgiving.
  • When I got the assignment, it seemed pretty simple; however, the more I look at it, it turns out to be pretty
  • The project work will become extremely onerous if you are on a bad computer and an even worse Internet connection.
  • Nothing would have prepared me for the onerous training that I was to receive in the military; however it was done for the benefit of the company as well as for my team in the Army.

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