Onomatopoeia in a sentence

What does onomatopoeia  mean?: – The creation of a word from a particular sound which is associated with the name.

Adjective: -onomatopoeic

Sentence Examples: –

  • When you are asked to point out the obvious onomatopoeia in a particular sentence which describes a bird, you only need to point to “chirp”.
  • When you have been given a class assignment in order to write a poem which contains a variety of onomatopoeia, all you need to do is to find out the words that sound exactly like the pronunciation.
  • As children, we have been taught that the cow goes “moo”. Well, that is a form of onomatopoeia in a sentence.
  • If you happen to make use of onomatopoeia in a particular passage, you will find that there is a certain rhythm to it, particularly when you hear the words been spoken out loud.
  • When you have got to write a sentence which contains onomatopoeia, it is very useful for you to put an independent clause into it, which shall contain a word that sounds exactly like what it happens to indicate.

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