Outlandish: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Outlandish in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Outlandish, Outlandishly and Outlandishness.

Outlandish Definition and Meaning with Examples

Outlandish (adjective) means strange or bizarre. It can be used to describe something which is far from convention or appropriate behavior.

Anything peculiar or eccentric can also be called outlandish.

The word refers to anything which is wacky, off-beat or unheard of.

If a chef prepares tiramisu and garnishes it with grated cheese to pass it off an as innovation, that would just be outlandish.

Outlandish: Other Grammatical Forms

Outlandishly (adverb)

Outlandishness (noun)

Outlandish in a Sentence Examples

1) One of the reasons that he is in the newspapers everyday is because of his outlandish sense of dressing.

2) She wears outlandish clothes just to seek attention.

3) She was a visionary because her seemingly outlandish thoughts proved to be true as time went by.

4) As a celebrity, he is used to getting outlandish requests from his fans.

5) It’s amazing how people accept outlandish behavior when it comes from celebrities. If others behaved like that, they’d just be called stupid.

6) The audience is used to seeing his outlandish antics on stage. No wonder the media has given him the moniker of Mr. Flamboyant.

7) It’s not necessary to be outlandish if you want to be disruptive and ruffle a few feathers.

8) Everyone wore crazy outlandish outfits to ensure that their friend’s fancy dress party was a roaring success.

9) The stand-up comedian was famous for his signature brand of outlandish humor.

10) Many of his outlandish ideas have been passed off as rubbish but some of them are really good.

Outlandishly in a Sentence Examples

1) If you dress outlandishly at the party, you will stick out like a sore thumb. You better dress elegantly.

2) We were posing as clowns and were expected to behave outlandishly to entertain people.

3) The prices of consumer goods have grown outlandishly in the past decade.

4) Even after so many campaigns and initiatives have been implemented to prevent kids from dropping out of school, the response has been outlandishly low.

5) The filmmaker built outlandishly humongous sets for his magnum opus.

6) The rate at which rich women have been shelling out handsome amounts for designer bags has been growing outlandishly.

7) Don’t even think of buying an apartment in downtown. It will turn out to be outlandishly pricey.

8) The product got a rally bad review because it was outlandishly designed and not ergonomic at all.

9) My kids wore capes around their necks and tried to jump off the balcony hoping that they would fly. What was meant to be their superhero adventure, turned out to be an outlandishly stupid idea.

10) Please don’t buy cosmetics that outlandishly claim to remove dark spots in 24 hours.

Outlandishness in a Sentence Examples

1) Their outlandishness was much criticized by everyone but they didn’t care a damn.

2) The article was about the outlandishness of the rock band, their quirks and idiosyncrasies which fans had come to love so much.

3) The outlandishness of the costumes became the talking point of the movie.

4) The outlandishness of the story was meant to shock people and get them talking about the book.

5) The outlandishness of the cocktail drew in a lot of curious customers to the newly opened bar in town.

6) The performance was not so great but the outlandishness of the stage’s decor added that extra zing to it.

7) People were angry with the outlandish claims of the government because they knew that none of their promises would be fulfilled.

8) The outlandishness of the chair’s design was deliberate on the part of the designer. He wanted it to trend on social media.

9) The outlandishness of the random instruments used in the song made it sound jarring at first. But after the vocals were juxtaposed, it became absolutely mellifluous.

10) The reality show is built around the theme of outlandishness – be it the tasks given to the contestants or the way they are made to interact with each other.

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