Ostracize in a sentence

What does ostracize  mean?: -excluded from a particular group or society

Noun: -ostracizer

Adjective: -ostracizable

Sentence Examples: –

  • As an educational reformist, it is not your duty to ostracize the students, but to ensure that you provide them with ample support so as to help them become a positive member of the Society.
  • Instead of trying to ostracize the girl child in India, it is important that as a well-informed member of the society, you take steps in order to ensure their education is undertaken in the best manner possible.
  • Although, it was a known fact that the judge was not responsible for the actions of the jury, it is also accepted that the judge will be a victim of people trying to ostracize him for the judgment.
  • It is a well-known fact that most of the countries still ostracize a certain sect of the people so as to ensure that they do not propagate or promulgate with the general population.
  • It can only be the job of a cruel teacher to ostracize a child with special needs.

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