How to use Flamboyant In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Flamboyant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Flamboyant Sentence, Flamboyantly and Flamboyance.

Flamboyant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Flamboyant (adjective) means showy, grand or fancy.  It refers to grandiose or glitziness in a person’s behavior, lifestyle, thing or an action.

Flamboyant can also be used to describe anything which is theatrical or larger than life.

Add flamboyant to your vocabulary to express extravagance, lavishness or resplendence of any kind. Associate it with someone’s swagger, rich color, dramatic costume, glamorous way of life, luxurious house or exuberant behavior.

Flamboyant can have a negative and positive meaning, depending on the way it is used. When it is used negatively, it typically expresses pretence or distasteful gaudiness.

Flamboyant: Other Grammatical Forms

Flamboyantly (adverb)

Flamboyance (noun)

Flamboyancy (noun)

Flamboyant in a Sentence Examples

1) The audience didn’t applaud because the play was good, but because they loved the flamboyant lead actor.

2) Decorated with flamboyant upholstery and antique pieces, my manager’s cabin looks expensive and enviable.

3) The red flowers in her hair were too flamboyant for her elegant ecru wedding dress. She should have opted for something minimal.

4) He was infamous for his flamboyant whimsicality. Sometimes he visited the library wearing his swimming trunks and other times, he attended a professional meeting in his shorts.

5) The party was less about networking and more about his flamboyant show of wealth.

6) The three-tiered cake was way too flamboyant for a little child’s birthday party. Maybe his parents were too rich to care about these things.

7) I wonder who paid for his flamboyant wedding because he had no job, neither did he have any savings.

8) The movie set seems too flamboyant for the theme of the film’s story which centers around agriculture and farming.

9) Having a flamboyant lifestyle is a part and parcel of being a celebrity. The media loves to write about it and readers like us love reading about it.

10) Who would pick a sleepy old beach town to party when there was an option to celebrate in the flamboyant Ibiza?

Flamboyantly in a Sentence Examples

1) The manager strode into the meeting room flamboyantly, as if he knew from the very start that he was going to bag the contract.

2) If you want to put up a good show, make your dancers dress up flamboyantly so that you grab your audience’s attention.

3) His love letter convinced his girlfriend to marry him because it was sensitive yet flamboyantly worded.

4) The raconteur narrated the story so flamboyantly that the kids listened in rapt attention. They were totally lost in the fantasy that he wove through his spoken words.

5) His flamboyantly psychedelic dressing sense was seen by many as a way of getting media attention and finding some place in the press.

6) She could afford to live flamboyantly because she was the daughter of a billionaire. Most of us don’t have that privilege.

7) The construction business owner spoke flamboyantly about all the new buildings, parks, auditoriums and public spaces that he was going to build in the city over the next five years.

8) Their flamboyantly planned holiday included exotic destinations like Croatia, Estonia, Turkey, Canary Islands and Budapest.

9) The interior of his spanking new sports car was flamboyantly embellished with the best of leather accessories.

10) To everyone’s surprise, the flamboyantly designed building won a mention in the prestigious architectural journal.

Flamboyance in a Sentence Examples

1) Their house was done up with much flamboyance. They must have spent a lot of money on decorating it.

2) The Carnival of Brazil is worth seeing only because of its flamboyance and grandiosity. You will never see such an array of colors in one evening.

3) It was the flamboyance of his personality that floored girls. He wasn’t particularly handsome or witty enough to win a girl’s heart.

4) The heavy chandelier added to the flamboyance of the room which was already looking exquisite because of its velvet furnishings.

5) The most memorable characters in literature are the ones who have the most flamboyance. At least, that’s what my sister thought.

6) The flamboyance of the bestselling author’s signature was now captured in my autograph book, something which I hoped would become more precious with the passage of time.

7) The businessman earned more press for his flamboyance rather than his business. His personal life started getting more precedence in the media rather than his profession.

8) The flamboyance of his house smothers the simplicity with which he actually lives.

9) Just because she doesn’t display much flamboyance in her manner, people don’t treat her seriously as an actress.

10) The villagers were mesmerized by the flamboyance of a big town. They were awestruck at the sight of glittery skyscrapers and luminous billboards at night.

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