Ornate: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Ornate in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ornate, Ornately and Ornateness.

Ornate Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ornate (adjective) means elaborate, complex or flamboyant.

The can be used to describe any kind of grandiose or excess, especially in the fields of performing arts, architecture or language.

Add ornate to your vocabulary to express showiness or excessive adornment.

The word can be associated with an intricate work of art, heavily adorned person, flowery writing, garish decoration, complex ritual or anything else which is overly embellished.

Ornate: Other Grammatical Forms

Ornately (adverb)

Ornateness (noun)

Ornate in a Sentence Examples

1) She has ornate tastes and opulent aesthetics. I hope she marries a millionaire who can afford to maintain her lifestyle.

2) Too many ornate choices were made for a design which was primarily meant to be simple and minimalistic.

3) They changed the whole facade of the building but retained the ornate door as it was a true masterpiece.

4) The art director confirmed being busy for the next three months because she was building an ornate set for the period film.

5) Because the illustration was no ornate and intricate, it was difficult to plagiarize or replicate easily.

6) The more ornate the sculpture, the heavier price tag it is likely to carry. If you want to buy something lesser expensive, choose a print of an artwork instead.

7) His ornate style of writing has been inspired by all the poetry he has been reading from so many years as a student.

8) Why spend so much money on an ornate mistletoe when you know that you have so many other Christmas decorations to buy?

9) No one cares about buying ornate gifts these days. People are choosing gift certificates instead.

10) I am not as easily impressed by ornate beauty as I am by beauty which arises from simplicity and plainness.

Ornately in a Sentence Examples

1) The ornately carved trunk was a befitting gift for my boss as he loves antiques and other such novelties.

2) The interiors of the house were so ornately done up that it looked more like a palace than a home.

3) The venue was landscaped ornately but it lacked basic facilities and infrastructure which included washrooms.

4) The clients wanted an ornately decorated event, but they had a restricted budget for the same which made it impossible to achieve what they wanted.

5) The ornately planned wedding made it to the news for the amount of money spent on it, not because of any other noteworthy reason.

6) When the ornately packed gift arrived at her door, she knew at once that it must have been sent by her boyfriend.

7) The food was served ornately in exquisite silverware, the ambience was wonderful and we were amidst an august gathering. Needless to say, the party was amazing.

8) The bride’s ornately designed dress didn’t photograph too well against the garish backdrop where she was made to pose.

9) Even though she lived amidst ornately embellished rooms and a host of housekeepers at her beck and call, there was something lacking in her life – the true love of a man.

10) Ornately adorned in beautiful jewelry, the bride walked down the aisle with her father.

Ornateness in a Sentence Examples

1) Ornateness in language has no place in corporate communications. You are expected to be direct and succinct.

2) The vase was worthy of being passed on from one generation not just because its beauty, but also its ornateness.

3) The theatrical version of the movie is worth seeing only because of its ornateness of the set. In all other aspects, the movie was better.

4) The musicians used too many instruments in the composition of the song and that added its ornateness.

5) The ornateness of the gown’s embroidery and its lace work was its unique selling proposition.

6) The ornateness of his vocabulary made it difficult for me to understand what he was actually saying.

7) More than the ornateness of the architecture, it was its upkeep and maintenance which impressed the visiting delegates.

8) More that the gift, the recipient appreciated the ornateness of the box in which it was so beautifully packed.

9) What is the point of all this ornateness in his life if he is not happy being in a relationship with his partner? This is indeed one of the saddest ironies than mankind has ever seen.

10) It is not necessary for all things marked by ornateness to be beautiful. Every individual might have a different take on what is garish or elegant.

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