Paltry in a sentence

What does paltry  mean?: -a very small amount

Noun: -paltriness

Adjective: -unpaltry

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you think about the paltry allowance that you are getting, think about the amount of money I used to get from your grandparent.
  • It is often found out that five-star restaurants offer a very paltry meal in comparison to the amount of money that the extract for it.
  • When you are offering me a paltry sum of money for that particular television, it is better that you keep it aside. There is no use selling it.
  • It is very sad, but the law enforcement agencies get a paltry sum of money, which is not the amount of compensation they should deserve for the kind of job that they do.
  • The firefighters require a lot of recognition for putting their lives online on a daily basis; however the government ensures that the only get a paltry amount of money.
  • If you are looking at getting a good discount, do not try and go to this website. They offer paltry coupons that will not serve your purpose.

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