Panache: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Panache in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Panache.

Panache Definition and Meaning with Examples

Panache (noun) means style, flamboyance or confidence.

The meaning of the word can also refer to a person who is full of zest, oozes elegance and is charming.

A person can either do something or wear something with great panache. For example, a lady who pours wine in a glass with style can be said to have panache. Similarly, a man who introduces himself impressively too has panache in his personality.

Create a sentence with the word panache to suggest elan or flair. Associate it with people who have a dashing personality or an elegant charm.

Panache: Other Grammatical Forms


Panache in a Sentence Examples

1) It was his panache that swoop me off my feet. I feel in love with him at the very first sight.

2) The dress was beautiful but its presentation was given the wow factor by the model who carried it off with panache.

3) It’s not going to take much to woo her – a little bit of gentlemanliness and panache is more than enough.

4) It’s inspiring to see how she carries herself with so much panache even though she is physically challenged and uses a wheelchair most of the time.

5) More than his tricks and gimmicks, it is the panache with which the magician performs that gets him all the applause.

6) It was the quality of his voice, presentation style, suaveness and most importantly his panache that got him through the last round of the singing contest.

7) Even if you don’t know something, you will come across as convincing if you do it with panache.

8) They were looking for a model who wouldn’t mind posing next to the sedated tiger, that too with some panache.

9) He addressed the audience with an extempore speech full of panache. The video of the speech went viral on YouTube.

10) She is a successful pop singer because she has great panache and spontaneity on stage.

11) Your thin rimmed spectacles add a lot of panache to your personality. You should wear them more often.

12) Wearing Wayfarers, riding a Harley and wearing a black leather jacket will add a lot of panache to your image.

13) She hit the ball with a great amount of panache even though she was holding the racquet for the first time in her life.

14) Even though he was secretly nervous, he splashed the colors on the canvas with the panache of an artist.

15) It was his panache that made him stand out from the bandwagon of entrepreneurs present at the business conclave.

16) I want your next design project to reflect your panache. I want people to see your personal aesthetic of minimalism.

17) Why don’t you use your charm and panache to distract your boss’s attention? As long as your intent isn’t malicious, you can take such occasional liberties.

18) He is a gifted raconteur who narrates enticing stories to children with supreme panache and flair.

19) The advertisement campaign covers the entire brief given by the client, but it lacks a certain freshness – a zing and some panache.

20) You’ve written the essay well but it needs a bit more panache. Right now, it’s devoid of any personal style.

21) He spoke little, but whenever he did, he oozed nothing but enviable panache.

22) Even though my grandmother is ninety, she still entertains with panache and never gets tired of socializing.

23) She is quite gregarious but her panache and her inimitable charm make her babble tolerable.

24) I am amazed by your whacky sartorial choices. I would never be able to wear a yellow top with panache like you do.

25) Even though she sings out of tune sometimes, she signs with confidence and panache. That’s what makes her so endearing.

26) The panache with which he anchored the show left everyone dazzled and asking for more.

27) It is really easy to get attracted to him because of his reclusive demeanor, intense brooding looks and panache.

28) The waiter served our dessert with panache. He poured a dessert wine on a beautifully presented chocolate brownie.

29) She is the only lady in town who can strut down the street with panache even after wearing the weirdest fascinator.

30) If you can wear a fruit over your head with panache, I will hail you as an authentic model.

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