Paradox in a sentence

What does paradox  mean?: – A proposition, which although may sound very reasonable, but comes to a conclusion that is unreasonable and self-contradictory that

Noun: -paradoxology

Adjective: -paradoxical, paradoxal

Sentence Examples: –

  • Just like in the movies, the paradox in the life of Heather ensured that the medicines first made her sick, and then it made her feel better.
  • Well, if you want to be cruel, then there is no paradox associated with it. After all, cruelty is not something that is normally associated with any form of kindness.
  • One of the greatest paradoxes I have come across is that my uncle hits children, but he has 11 of them.
  • Being hot and cold at the same time is a paradox which is simply not effective when you talk to a person about it.
  • The popular movie, the Time Paradox, ensures that people would be able to go back in time, and make their parents, even before they were seemingly conceived.
  • The paradox I feel is that I grow younger with my age steady increasing.

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