Penchant in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Penchant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Penchant.

Penchant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Penchant (noun) suggests a liking or fondness for something. It can be used to describe a natural inclination, preferred taste or cultivated affinity.

The word penchant can also express a certain disposition or way of behaving.

Include penchant in your dictionary by treating it as a synonym for inclination, fancy, whim or a tendency. It can be used to express an acquired liking or a natural taste with a negative or positive connotation.

From hobbies, interests, food, quirks to habits, penchant can describe a range of things that a person may have fondness for. The word is most commonly succeeded by ‘for’.

Penchant: Other Grammatical Forms


Penchant in a Sentence Examples

1) I have a penchant for drinking coffee with oodles of whipped cream on top.

2) My best friend has a penchant for learning different accents of English.

3) Do you know why she was able to do up her house so aesthetically? That’s because she has a penchant for arts.

4) My mother has a penchant for organizing every heap of clutter that comes her way.

5) All lawyers seem to have a penchant for sarcasm.

6) Amongst kids, there was an increasing penchant for helping injured animals. That was a good sign.

7) Although she has a penchant for learning new languages, I don’t appreciate the fact that she leaves all her language courses halfway.

8) Don’t develop a penchant for striking friendships only with wealthy people.

9) All the paintings done by this particular artist looks the same because he has a penchant for the color yellow.

10) The vintage furniture of our house has been a result of our father’s penchant for collecting antiques in his earlier days.

11) Don’t let him buy tickets too often, else he will develop a penchant for betting.

12) My penchant for reading non-fiction is hereditary. My father and grandfather loved reading this genre too.

13) His penchant for playing golf arises from his false belief that it adds more sophistication to his personality.

14) His classmates were wary of his weird penchant for making dog ears in everyone’s books.

15) The teacher’s penchant for finding flaws with everything under the sun demotivated students.

16) No one minds his penchant for waxing eloquent about philosophy, but everyone gets irritated when he does that at every opportunity.

17) It is one thing to have a penchant for wines and another to drink under that pretext.

18) Her penchant for oration catapulted her to one of the best positions in the marketing department.

19) I have never been to a spa during my holiday because my husband has a penchant for homestay accommodations and not luxurious resorts.

20) Her undying and passionate penchant for learning taxidermy proves that she is truly eccentric.

21) She scored well in her literature exams because of her strong penchant for reading classics since childhood.

22) I wasn’t surprised to find out that she had a penchant for living like a hobo. Her hippy dressing was enough for letting me know.

23) The minister’s penchant for the subject of sociology, his oratory skills and impressive personality made for a lethal combination.

24) The politician’s genuine penchant for charity will prove advantageous when he contests elections next year.

25) Most retired men have a penchant for wine. Is that stereotype or is it true?

26) Men’s penchant for beer baffles me. Why would anyone like a bitter liquid?

27) Little girls are known to have penchant for wearing colorful socks marked with stripes and figures.

28) The director had a penchant for shooting all his films in the same studio, which no one understood.

29) The landlord’s penchant for movies was evident from the large DVD rack standing in the living room of his house.

30) He ended up spending a lot of money on tickets because of his penchant for watching sporting events at the stadium.

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