Use Pathetic In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Pathetic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Pathetic and Pathetically.

Pathetic Definition and Meaning with Examples

Pathetic (adjective) means pitiable. It is a negative expression which is used to describe a person, situation, action or mood which is sad, lame, inadequate or sorrowful.

In conversations, pathetic can also be used to express anger, scorn or disgust.

Add pathetic to your everyday vocabulary by using it in place of a word that connotes sympathy or something which incites loathing. Use it to convey a spectrum of expressions – from sadness to lament to anger.

The word pathetic is usually associated with an instance of bad behavior, lame jokes, disgusting situations or regrettable choices. Consider pathetic to be another word for bad, only with a tinge of more repulsion or pity.

Pathetic: Other Grammatical Forms

Pathetically (adverb)

Pathetical (adjective)

Pathetic in a Sentence Examples

1) She was telling everyone pathetic jokes and spoiling the mood of the party.

2) He wants to send his daughter to the best college of the country, not to an institution with a pathetic track record.

3) It is quite sad that the quality of life these days has become so pathetic, and that people are doing nothing about it.

4) It was pathetic to see that the man was working so tirelessly irrespective of his old age.

5) She realized much later that the bonds in which she invested years ago was the most pathetic choice she made in life.

6) Even through the food in the mess is pathetic, I have to tolerate it because I have no other choice.

7) Sending a text message was a pathetic way to inform her that her mother passed away.

8) It was pathetic to see the media photographing hungry people in the war torn nation just for publicity.

9) Your teacher is smart enough to see through you. Don’t give her a pathetic excuse for your absence and try to get away with it.

10) It is pathetic to see how the rich are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer.

11) It was pathetic to win a contract which wasn’t going to pay us much in the future anyway.

12) Not only was her explanation pathetic, but also the way she gave it to her teacher.

13) Pathetic is the only word I can use to describe nations who spend more money on wars than on educating their population.

14) Everything about her was pathetic, from the way she walked into the room to the way she delivered her presentation.

15) It was magnanimous of your broke friend to lend you money from his savings, but it was pathetic of you to have actually accepted it.

Pathetically in a Sentence Examples

1) It was the most pathetically acted part in the movie because the actor’s dialogue delivery was deadpan.

2) The riotous situation was pathetically handled by the police and government alike.

3) She spoke pathetically in front of the audience because she was slightly drunk and therefore ill-prepared.

4) Her house has been so pathetically maintained that she cannot possibly invite anyone to stay with her.

5) The movie was so pathetically made that we got bored and left the cinema hall halfway.

6) Don’t act like a lovelorn boyfriend who carries himself pathetically all the time.

7) No one expected her to reply so pathetically. She should have substantiated her point better.

8) He was behaving so pathetically that I felt like walking out of the room with my head bent down in shame.

9) The plan was so pathetically drawn that even the most intelligent minds in the industry couldn’t make it work.

10) The remnant of a dead dog was pathetically scattered on the street. The council should have made timely arrangements to clear it up.

11) I was treated pathetically treated in the hospital not because there weren’t any good doctors, but because I had no money.

12) The guests were entertained pathetically. There was no food or water in the house.

13) Her self-esteem has been pathetically scathed. Being in the wrong can be tough.

14) My teacher has examined my answer sheet pathetically. So many of my correct answers have been marked wrong.

15) The book has been pathetically adapted on celluloid. All the essence of the original work is lost.

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