Perfidious in a sentence

What does perfidious  mean?: -not trustworthy

Noun: -perfidiousness

Adjective: -unperfidious

Sentence Examples: –

  • Upon being questioned about the divorce, Nathan mentioned that she was a perfidious woman that was not all faithful in the relationship, and she could not maintain one even if she got the right kind of man.
  • Having a perfidious friends steal her lottery ticket, it was time for Michelle to get back at her.
  • If you have a servant with perfidious behavior, it is time for you to let that person go. You should always trust your gut instincts at all possible points.
  • When you have a plan in place, do not let perfidious members coming to your mindset.
  • Since you do not have any best friends, you are in a better position than having perfidious members in your trust group.
  • Eric is one of the most perfidious people that I have come across; I seldom believe anything that he says to me.
  • One of the best things about Jack is the absence of any perfidious behaviour.

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