Pivotal in a Sentence

What does pivotal mean? It means something that is of vital importance.

Sentence Examples: –

  • The actor plays a very pivotal character in the script, and without him and his superior acting skills, the film would not be able to rake in the amount of money that it has currently done.
  • It was a pivotal moment in my life when I got to know that I had qualified, and would become a doctor.
  • When you are thinking about practical experiences, the pivotal moment would always be the time in which you first expressed your doubt, and you were correct.
  • In the war, the pivotal moment happens when you get some sort of help from the other company when you happen to be fully surrounded by enemies.
  • The pivotal aspect of this character in the short play cannot be comprehended by the likes of those that do not have any understanding of it.
  • It is the pivotal success of the railroads that has brought transportation by airplanes to a grinding halt in various countries.

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