Use Placid in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Placid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Placid, Placidly, Placidity and Placidness.

Placid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Placid (adjective) means calm, unflappable or undisturbed.

The word can be used to describe a person, situation or behavior which shows utter equanimity or composure.

Placid can also be used to describe an element of Nature such as sky, lake or a volcano that is peaceful and shows very little movement.

Create a sentence with the word placid to suggest the attribute of not getting excited or agitated quickly. Use it to describe someone’s unperturbed temperament, unmoved behavior, calm and collected personality or poised reaction.

Placid: Other Grammatical Forms

Placidly (adverb)

Placidity (noun)

Placidness (noun)

Placid in a Sentence Examples

1) We were boating in the placid waters of the lake and suddenly an alligator appeared from nowhere.

2) The actor was asked to show restraint in his acting because he was playing a character with a placid and mild disposition.

3) They are a placid bunch of peace-loving people who will not create a ruckus for a small issue.

4) His ex-girlfriend tried to wield her charm on him even though he was married. She wanted to bring a tornado into his placid and happy marital life.

5) After all the fights, arguments and vengeful talks, the situation is placid right now.

6) The key is to not get agitated. You will be able to win the argument only if your mental state is placid and if you can think clearly.

7) When my world is dipped in worry and angst, I look into my mother’s placid eyes and everything comes to a standstill.

8) I was surprised that he could maintain a placid look on his face even at the very moment he was fired from his job.

9) Everyone tried to get under the skin of the new recruit, but he was too placid to be affected by all the silly banter.

10) Unlike other kids, he was too placid as a child. His never gave his parents a chance to complain.

Placidly in a Sentence Examples

1) I was disappointed by the fact that she reacted to placidly to my pregnancy news. I had expected her to jump with joy.

2) He will behave placidly with everyone even if he is extremely frustrated and anxious from inside. It takes a lot to ruffle his feathers.

3) His father is reacts placidly to the most volatile of situations at home. Such composure is a quality worth being admired.

4) Don’t think that he is not angry at you just because he is talking to you placidly. He is volcanic from within but he is controlling his outburst.

5) The government made some random changes to the policy without seeking the approval of the council. This was not going to be taken placidly by them.

6) Her life was humdrum, her career trudged on placidly and there was nothing that she was particularly unhappy about.

7) Everyone was shocked to see how she took the news of her husband’s gruesome death so placidly, without shedding a single tear.

8) If teachers begin to deal with rowdy students placidly by showing them some understanding, they would be making a big mistake.

9) After I finished yelling, she looked at me placidly. That’s when I realized that she was wearing headphones and she hadn’t heard any of my rants.

10) She broke up with him so placidly that everyone began to wonder if she ever loved him at all.

Placidity in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t get deceived by the placidity of the waters. As you go deeper, they become extremely rough and turbulent.

2) The placidity of the sky made me think that it could be the calm before the storm.

3) The couple selected the place for their honeymoon because it was known for its placidity. The densely forested mountain ranges were the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway.

4) The placidity in the office was quite unusual. Everyone was busy preparing month-end reports.

5) His ability to channel placidity even in the most stressful situations is what makes him so dependable.

Placidness in a Sentence Examples

1) Placidness is not an admirable quality in a boss. A leader needs to be vociferous, tenacious and determined.

2) Life in a small village goes on with great placidness. No one says or does anything against anyone unless the matter is seriously grave.

3) The placidness with which he went about the day was disturbing at many levels.

4) The placidness in his personality was one of the reasons why the management chose him over his colleagues for the coveted promotion. He was always seen as the mature one from the lot.

5) The old log cabin had an eerie sense of placidness about it. While it was quaint and charming, it gave me the creeps.

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