Plausible in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

What does plausible mean? It means somebody that is well spoken, but they are somewhat deceptive in their mannerisms.

Noun: -plausibility

Adjective: -nonplausible

Plausible in a Sentence with Examples

  • There is always a plausible explanation to your problem, and you need to look into all avenues before asking your professor.
  • Have you had a look at the business proposal? You would find it to be pretty plausible in terms of the amount of loan required against the marginal profits in the first year itself.
  • One of the most plausible excuses that a student can have is that he or she has had to undergo some kind of surgery.
  • Although the explanation will seem to be pretty plausible, there are also alternatives that can help you to reach that decision.
  • One of the most plausible explanations as to why Jeremy was fired from his job was that he had been continuously stealing from the register.
  • If you are unable to provide a plausible excuse as to why you were late, please make it a point to not report for work from tomorrow.

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