Precarious in a Sentence

What does precarious mean? It means something that is dependent on the circumstances that are beyond the control of anybody.

Noun: -precariousness

Adjective: -superprecarious

Sentence Examples: –

  • One of the precarious things that you shall find in my house is the perch of my parrot is directly below the bed in which the cat sleeps.
  • Letting your child run around with a knife is something very precarious, and you can have child protection services calling on you.
  • The country seems to be in a precarious position, as it happens to be in millions of dollars of debt.
  • Although our relationship is in a precarious place right now, we are looking to work it out.
  • You need to choose between your life partner and expanding your business; yes, it is a pretty precarious position for you.
  • If you leave me hanging in the last moment, it would be leaving me in a very precarious position.
  • If you would like to learn swimming without taking a life jacket, then you would find it to be precarious.
  • The sitcom hangs in a precarious balance, particularly when most of the lead actors have left the show and the new actors are finding it very difficult to get into the mold of the older ones.

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