Pliable in a sentence

What does pliable  mean?: -flexible, easily influenced

Noun: -pliablility, pliableness

Adjective: -nonpliable

Sentence Examples: –

  • Even though the wire may seem to be pliable, it is not necessary for you to curve it so as to gain access to the lock in the house.
  • With the use of the pliable wire, you will be able to secure the door frame, as it has been unhinged by the thief.
  • When you compare the branches of the Banyan tree to that of a creeper, you would find that the creeper is pliable.
  • If this material has been exposed to an extremity of temperature, it will no longer be pliable, but rather it will simply disintegrate or break away.
  • Instead of trying to get something that is pliable, try and do a lot of other things which can be fruitful to your needs.
  • It is important for you to get a pliable explanation to the cause, rather than try to interpret it in your own understanding. This will save you a lot of time.

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