Posterity: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Posterity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Posterity.

Posterity: Definition and Meaning

Posterity (noun) means future generations. It refers to all those people who will be born after us.

Posterity finds its origins from the word post which means after. It often refers to matters of endowment or inheritance from individuals to their future generations when it used in a legal context.

Add it to your vocabulary by using it as a synonym for the term, succeeding generation.

The word is typically used in a context when photographs, records, archives and other memorabilia from general or personal history are preserved for the next generations to come.

Posterity: Other Grammatical Forms


Posterity in a Sentence Examples

1) The museum director wanted me to carefully preserve all those rare photographs for the sake of posterity.

2) It is important to maintain the political archives of this country for posterity. Otherwise how will they access our history?

3) He may say that he is collecting hats for posterity, but the plain truth is that he collects hats because he loves wearing them.

4) The electronic communication of all the important people of our time is going to be recorded for posterity.

5) My grandfather saved many of his stamp albums for posterity. Unfortunately, they have jaded and yellowed with time.

6) We have set a great example for our posterity to follow. The nation could not have seen a prouder moment.

7) She is such a great performer that her work is likely to live on in posterity. I am lucky to have witnessed her performance during my lifetime.

8) All her efforts were geared towards creating sustainable business practices that would benefit posterity.

9) Heritage architects believed that the government should sanction money to revamp the facade. After all, it was important to save our history for posterity.

10) All that they want to do is earn pots of money for themselves. They don’t care if it will be at the cost of posterity.

11) The only reason that nations should do everything in their power to stop war is for the sake of a peaceful world for posterity.

12) It is important for mothers to maintain the traditional of bedtime storytelling because it is an important medium to pass on cultural values to posterity.

13) The current generation is carrying out deforestation and mining for monetary benefit. Have we considered leaving anything for posterity?

14) Pure water to drink, pristine views of nature, clean neighborhoods – we ought to safeguard this much for posterity.

15) All he was cared about, was leaving tons of money for his own posterity. Philanthropy was never even a consideration.

16) At the current divorce rate in our country, the values of commitment and loyalty in marriage may well just be lost to posterity.

17) My great-grandfather’s royal sword has been preserved in the local museum for posterity.

18) My dad thought that it was important to record every small and big event in the family for the sake of posterity.

19) She is the kind of revolutionary who has not just inspired our generation, but will continue to motivate posterity too.

20) Thanks to the internet, posterity will have easy access to the deeds and misdeeds of every politician of this country.

21) My mother saved all the news clippings related to my brother’s act of bravery for our family’s posterity.

22) We may not understand the implications of this decision but its repercussions are going to be borne by posterity.

23) Among the best of works that modernism has left for posterity, Edvard Munch’s The Scream is the most pivotal.

24) YouTube will prove to be an unparalleled source for posterity to get an idea of the ethos and milieu of our times.

25) Just like my great-great-grandmother saved these antique jewelry pieces for me, I will save it for posterity too.

26) Instead of making a good life for himself, he is continuously worried about what he will leave behind for his posterity.

27) He could have earned a million dollars if he auctioned off the rare document but he was sensible enough to save it for posterity.

28) Can we stop thinking from the point of view of our posterity and do something for ourselves for a change?

29) Finding and using more forms of renewable energy is going to be critical for the survival of posterity.

30) All the discoveries made in the field of medical science by us will prove to be beneficial to posterity. It is for them that we should find a cure for deadly diseases like AIDS and Cancer.


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