How to use Proficient in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Proficient in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Proficient, Proficiently and Proficiency.

Proficient Definition and Meaning with Examples

Proficient (adjective) means skilled or trained. It can be used to describe a person who is adept and well-versed with something.

Proficient refers to the ability of showing competence in a technique, an art or a skill. It can also be used to describe the attribute of being naturally talented and gifted.

Create a sentence with the word proficient to suggest expertise or deftness in a certain field or profession.

An accomplished guitar player, skilled craftsman, capable manager, gifted singer and a seasoned businessman are examples of people who are proficient at what they do.

Proficient: Other Grammatical Forms

Proficiently (adverb)

Proficiency (noun)

Another word for Proficient




Proficient in a Sentence Examples

1) He looks a little feeble and introverted, but he is proficient and can accomplish tasks exceedingly well.

2) I want my son to be proficient in different languages so that he can converse with people of different countries.

3) As a late bloomer she wasn’t very proficient with her people skills. While her technical prowess was unmatched, she could not be promoted because she lacked leadership qualities.

4) I am not surprised that he chose mathematics as his elective. He was always proficient with numbers.

5) No one can ever be proficient at gambling. It is a matter of pure luck.

6) He is a proficient marketer. From soaps to sweaters to software, he can sell anything.

7) My father doesn’t think I am a proficient driver. He always finds faults when he is with me in the car.

8) He is the guy everyone goes to when they have any IT related issues. Even though he is an accountant, he is very proficient at troubleshooting software and hardware issues.

9) The lawyer was highly proficient. He knew all the current laws with respect to intellectual property rights.

10) She is highly proficient in many foreign languages including French, Spanish, Swahili, Icelandic and Italian.

Proficiently in a Sentence Examples

1) The driving instructor proficiently maneuvered the car through the slalom course.

2) The executive managed the negotiation proficiently and ensured that his company got the better side of the deal.

3) I want to speak Japanese proficiently because I am moving to Osaka for business soon.

4) He tackled the matter proficiently even though he was between the devil and the deep blue sea.

5) We want to hire employees who work proficiently. It doesn’t matter if we have to pay them a higher salary.

6) If you can’t swim proficiently, I suggest you don’t go to a beach destination for your honeymoon. You won’t be able to enjoy water sports and underwater adventures.

7) Unless you practice for a couple of hours every day, you will never be able to play the guitar proficiently at the event.

8) She delivered the speech proficiently. It was quite clear that she was an excellent orator.

9) It takes guts to dive off a cliff but he did it proficiently even though it was his first time.

10) My mother can solve crosswords so proficiently that no one has been able to beat her until now.

Proficiency in a Sentence Examples

1) Her culinary proficiency is unbeatable. She can make the most delectable of dishes even in the shortest period of time.

2) His proficiency in coding was instantly noticed by his new boss.

3) Regardless of the area of your work, you will always succeed if you strive for proficiency.

4) Although she was a novice, her proficiency at pairing different hairstyles with different face types made her the most popular hairdressers in the salon.

5) I am not doubting his proficiency, I am just wondering whether his services are worth our money or not.

6) She is a very diligent candidate and I am sure she will work with utter honesty and proficiency in your organization.

7) Everyone loves to attend parties at her place. It’s almost as if she has achieved proficiency in the art of being a good host.

8) Over the years, proficiency in IT has become a must-have for all kinds of job seekers.

9) My manager wanted to give me all the tools and resources required to increase my proficiency as I was his star subordinate.

10) Proficiency in English is mandatory to apply for this job.

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