Precipitate in a sentence

What does precipitate  mean?: – An event that can happen suddenly

Noun: -precipitateness

Adjective: -precipitative

Sentence Examples: –

  • When there is a rising level in the unemployment, it is certainly going to precipitate into a huge crowd in front of the unemployment office.
  • The pain in the ankle is slowly going to precipitate into the rest of the body, thereby creating an injury zone that requires immediate attention.
  • If the gun control bill is passed, it will definitely precipitate into a rapid increase in the sales of illegal guns.
  • When you drink alcohol excessively, it is certainly going to precipitate into the rupture of your liver.
  • Despite the wish of the mediator, this issue is certainly going to precipitate into a major conflict in the borders of the two countries.
  • There is more than a likely chance that if you do not study for a few days, it will precipitate into a very bad result.
  • When you always find yourself on an unhealthy diet, it is going to precipitate into your poor health. This can lead to morbid obesity.

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