Preclude in a sentence

What does preclude  mean?: – prevent something or someone from doing something or happening

Noun: -preclusion

Adjective: -preclusive

Sentence Examples: –

  • Even if you have home remedies, it should not preclude you from visiting the doctor, or even taking the help of medical personnel in order to take care of that problem.
  • Even when you happen to come up with a disability, it should not preclude you from reading a very happy and healthy life.
  • With a constant lack of evidence, the jury will obviously preclude the prosecution, and ensure that he will be able to walk freely.
  • The snowstorm certainly will preclude the need for you to wear quality winter wear, and you must take issues in your hands.
  • It is only because you happen to be a current employee of the lottery system; it would preclude you from not entering into the contest.
  • Even though you might have a very limited experience when it comes to politics, it does not preclude you from voting or even taking a shot at the political system at your own leisure.

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