Prescience in a sentence

What does prescience  mean?: – The foresight, knowing something well in advance

Adjective: -prescient

Sentence Examples: –

  • You happen to be amazed by the prescience of the psychic; it is only natural that you would visit him or her on a frequent basis.
  • When most of the prophecies of the psychic came to be true, there is no denying the prescience that is mostly evident in this person.
  • Since my grandmother does possess a certain amount of prescience she did predict that the next son was going to be a healthy baby.
  • Unfortunately, there is a lot of analysis done in the late 1900s, and there is no evidence of prescience amongst the people that have a higher amount of intelligence.
  • A gambler always thinks of himself to have a lot of prescience, but that is mostly wrong.
  • There is always that one friend that thinks he has prescience and predicts the winner of the next Super Bowl in the beginning of the season.
  • It is a known fact that Nostradamus had

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