Prevaricate in a sentence

What does prevaricate  mean?: -speaking in an evasive manner

Noun: -prevarication

Adjective: -prevaricative

Sentence Examples: –

  • So as to smooth out all the kinks in the new legislative bill, the politician ensured that he would prevaricate the release of the new study in the environment to benefit the bill.
  • Just because my sister does not take bad news very well, I must always prevaricate when I have to tell her something that she does not have any inclination to hear.
  • Just so that he would be able to escape the scathing remarks of the recent accident in his car, the journalist tried to prevaricate through the interview.
  • The witness had to prevaricate for the witness in order to save him, even when she has testified in the court.
  • If you would only confront your son, you would be able to take control of his life. There is no use for you to prevaricate and conform to all his needs.
  • When the first reaction your child has is to prevaricate on any bad news, you have a very hard time telling them about it.

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