Prodigal in a sentence

What does prodigal  mean?: -having something on a very large scale

Sentence Examples: –

  • When you belong from a moderate family, it is time for you to backup and stop all your prodigal spending that you go on in a daily basis.
  • When you think about your prodigal youth, you believe that it is going to stay with you in the future. You have never been so wrong.
  • When the prodigal son ended up spending all his inheritance money, all he had left was his property, and the need to get a very low paying job.
  • The prodigal spending now undertaken by the government is surely going to ruin the future economy.
  • Without even giving a single thought to future monetary compensation, prodigal spending of benefactors of huge sums of money is only going to cost them dearly in the near future.
  • If you have a good business, then spending all your prodigal money can seem to be something just worthy.
  • If you want to do in your future endeavors, then go about spending your prodigal money.
  • This may not come as a good thought to you, but instead of spending your prodigal money on lavish luxuries, you could end up donating it to organizations and people that truly need it.

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